Making unique place for your challenge is VERY IMPORTANT!
If you feel good in place where you’re spending most of your time, that will show on your face and in your results.
It’s much easier to enter everyday into a beautiful place where you put some love and energy, then enter living room when you already spent half of your life on a sofa.
To more time you spend on arranging your RITUAL PLACE, the better results you will get as you will feel awesome there everyday.
So for us our RITUAL PLACES are very important!
Of course you can have one or many, depends on your challenges.
For some challenges you won’t need special place, but for most you will.
So we suggest you to take this task seriously and decorate it as you want.
Make it a very special place where others are not allowed to enter.
( They can but just for few minutes, after that you need to kick them out! 🙂

So to understand little better, here are few pics of how MatMat arranged his ritual spaces.


#2 – MORNING EXERCISE (Tibetan Rites / Breathing / Plank workout)



Making your blueprint of how you will do your challenge is really easy.
If you don’t know why we call it BLUEPRINT, is because you adopt your challenge to your available time and personal needs. As you probably know yourself more than we, we suggest to alway do your blueprint rather than just use available ones.
Reason behind this is so you can make it more personal. You can color things, do drawings, add motivational pictures, link to YouTube videos and so on.
When you put work into it, it becomes part of you.
So you have more chances of success.
You can also customize it along the way after your challenge starts.

To get ideas of how you blueprint should look, just check available ones. If there is no blueprint in your challenge yet, you need to do it as first person so others can get inspired by your blueprint. 

You can do very basic or advanced blueprints. Whatever works for you. Example: You can just write something simple as: 
WEEK 1: 7am-7.30am – DIARY
WEEK 2: 7am-7.30am – DIARY
WEEK 3: 7am-7.30am – DIARY
WEEK 4: 7am-7.30am – DIARY

Or you can in different styles, such as:
– Write your story and big why
– Tell when you gonna do it
– Explain how you gonna do it
– Add some notes about feelings
– Tip: Be reasonable as you will use this everyday!

Here we don’t want to suggest of how to do it, because there are no rules.
If something works for us, we can’t guarantee it will work for you.

So be creative and make YOUR BLUEPRINT as you want!

You can add your blueprint to your Diary Profile when you will open your online diary in bellow step.

Main idea behind blueprint so you can daily go through it so you know why, when and how you are doing your challenge.


Commit to yourself that you are not going to fail at this challenge and find your BIG WHY!

BIG WHY will drive you towards everyday!

It can be your health problem, weight, financial situation, relationship issues, or anything that keeps you down in your life.

Before we start this challenge take as much time as you want to find your BIG WHY, as your success will depend on it.

If you want to make commitment even more powerful, sign up a contract with MatMat who made this challenge!

Sign CONTRACT with MatMat to make your commitment stronger.


EMAIL REMINDER will help you to stay on track everyday in good or bad. It will give you tips and will inspire you to move through different phases of your journey.

To set daily alarms and reminders is very useful!

You need to constantly remind yourself at the beginning so you don’t forget.

Here are few ideas that will help you:

– Set alarm on your watch few minutes before your exercise
– Set alarm on your wall clock
– Set alert on your phone/iPod/laptop calendar
– Put stickers on your wall or doors 
– Write a notification on whiteboard if you have it
– Ask your partners/friends/kids to remind you everyday about your challenge

Everyday you need to post your diary.
This diary will be hidden so nobody will see it.
Not even you!

When you finish your 30-day challenge, we will give you access to your whole journey and you’ll be able to decide if you want to share it with other members or not.


After you REGISTER you must post your BLUEPRINT.

Name of your first post should be:

This is important step and it will help you daily to be on right track. 

It will also help our other members later if you will decide to share your Blueprint.

More info you will receive in  EMAIL REMINDER so don’t forget to subscribe!


Go back to instructions if you haven’t read them HERE

Your challenge is simple.

For 30-days you need to write your diary and send it to MatMat. 

MatMat will not reply but will inspire you to move forward till you reach your goal.

And your goal is to find your GuruMe. 🙂

Or however you want to call him/her.


We give access to other challenge only to VIP members who successfully completed our free  MP#diary challenge.

This challenge is crucial step in your development and all other challenges are based on transformational writing technique.

When you finish your 30-day challenge, you’ll get more informations on how to start other challenges.