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There are many things we say that aren’t in our blood. When somebody asks us to do this thing, we completely freeze. We know inside that this thing is pushing us back, because we can’t achieve or do things that some people do so easily.

During our life time we encounter a lot of things that make us uncomfortable. But I think many of those things are just there to help us or remind us, so we can grow into even more beautiful and ‘self-sustainable’ humans!

One of those things is public speaking. Especially if you need to do it in a different language then what your native tongue is. At least for me it was, and is still, a big hurdle. But every time I do it, I learn something new, and I get better at doing it.

So how did this happened? Why don’t I like public speaking? Why can’t I express my true emotions when I’m talking live?

If I was to go back, I remember when I was younger, 3-7 years old I think, my parents didn’t allow me to use my head for anything. They were constantly guiding me from this to this and the country I was living in, there was a general rule for kids to be quiet. This was in the 80’s when cold war was still present in our country Yugoslavia and between Russia, and the US, and China. As a generation of socialists we had to be quiet because we weren’t supposed to talk about anything. And we especially weren’t allowed to use our heads. Our lives were run by others who were smarter than us. Politicians, KGB, Titi, Stalin, Putin were framing this super-happy world where everybody was happy, silent, and brain-washed.

I remember when I was young, my father always told me to be quiet. When he was watching news on the TV every evening, I had to be quiet because there were so many more important things then me asking about life.

Then when I got to primary school, I had to be quiet because our teachers were very strict about everything, because the regime in that time made their souls like robots. They showed no joy, no mercy, or understanding of anything. So we all had to sit quietly and sing the song of happiness composed by our politicians. And we did. I still remember that scene, where each day we had to stand up, look at the picture of our president Tito on the wall and sing the song of Yugoslavia.

Communists, I believe, had a silent saying: Teach the young children to be quiet so they don’t grow into smart and open humans.

And I became just like that! Over the years my silence became less and less friendly, so when I was around 30 I was unable to start a conversation with a girl that I liked. I was unable to look into a strangers eye, I was unable to speak in front of my class, and many more things. My open mindness started to show on the inside so all my beliefs and understandings that something was wrong started to kick-in.

So I become very good at poems, writing, painting, composing and all the other ‘artistic’ stuff. They say: Artists express how they see the world through their artwork. In my case, this happened because nobody taught me how to express things verbally. And maybe if they did, it wouldn’t have been very wise. Sooner or later someone would have shut me down.

Like they still do everywhere today. In our society you just don’t have to think (too much) with your head.

And how much is too much? Too much is always a little more than average. If you know a little more than most people, you’re above average and you become an enemy of the system. And this system is everywhere. In communities, in cities, in countries, in regions, in religion, in sport, in family, in relationships, etc. Systems are everywhere!

What’s better now is that old systems, which were made on silence and fear, are falling down faster than ever. When the Internet came into the picture, more and more smart people started to express their wisdom and it’s hard to stop them if they have millions of followers. The media is now in the hands of individuals like you and I. When we know something that others don’t, and if we tell them about it through words, or writing, or paintings, or music, or films, we will gain followers. And if we start to think more about our wisdom we become more popular. Now because most systems are falling apart, it’s hard to believe that the CIA, or FBI, will come for you just because you’re a threat to your country, but still have to be ‘little’ careful about how you talk, how you look, and specifically what you talk about. You can’t talk openly about just anything. Look at the adleeaks guy! Not a very inspiring story.

But if you talk about your heart and your inner power to help others to grow, I think (and I hope) it’s OK.

So I started to express my thoughts, first through my music, then through poems, now through writing and sooner or later I will have to speak publicly about these things. People today don’t want to just read about you, they need to see you live, on tv, on video so they feel for you more and more.

So public appearances with popular writers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs became very popular. It’s a big money game because followers are prepared to pay a lot of money to hear somebody speak about whatever. We just want to listen and get inspired. All day. 24/7.

This is good and bad but let’s talk today just about the good. What’s good is that we as a civilization are growing faster as more and more individuals, like me, openly express their thoughts. Before this place (media) was just for the selected, or settled ones.

Now all this power is in our hands and we can do whatever we want. What I suggest is that you use it wisely! Don’t use it to make more people suffer, use it to evoke good thoughts and feelings. Help them to grow so they can become inspiring people just like you. You need to teach them how to love, speak, and be happy.

Nobody taught me this and there’s still not enough people teaching in the right way. So when you learn this and you get your Mind Peak about who you would like to become, then you need to be ready to start talking live. Because sooner or later you will be asked to do it. It’s just how our world works today. And you need to learn, accept it, and go for it fearlessly.

And what’s my technique for overcoming our fears? I learned that the more I do things I don’t like, the more I grow.

Let me give you an example: Recently, with my new job, I had to speak for an hour with our new clients. In English, which is not my native language. The first time, I was so afraid that I wrote a whole blueprint about my chat. Introduction, questions, my answers, everything. Then, when I was reading this and implementing it for next time to make it sound better. I was tweaking the questions and answers and now I can do it without them and I also started to enjoy our conversations, because every time I learn something new about their businesses. I realized I was growing way faster now as a business person then I ever was before. I have something inside me that not many people have, and that thing inside me where I overlook million dollar businesses weekly, (I have one or two calls per week), is making me a very good consultant. And when I start to know a lot about this, I can start writing, and talking about my wisdom. And teaching others what to do and what not to do.

But before that, I need to learn how to speak in front of the camera. So I started practicing last week. I’m not really good at just talking on and on about something, like most people do (especially US people who weren’t raised under a communist system), so I figured out a system for how I could learn this quickly.

Maybe I’ll also do a 30-days challenge for MP#University members, but so far I just need to see if it will work for me. The challenge goes like this: Write your morning MP#diary, then grab a phone or camera and just say in 1-3 minutes what you wrote about. If you or I do this every day, at the end of this challenge we will be very comfortable in front of the camera, we’ll master it, and find our inner ‘spokesperson’. You can then use this wisdom in all kinds of public performances. When you find your ‘speaking-guru’, you can master it, and become amazing!

Really simple, right? You just need to commit to your challenge and start doing it every day!

If you’re going to add more and more new challenges every month, then soon you’ll become fearless in every chapter of your life.

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