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Yesterday I was traveling and came to a small city, where there was not much going on. I sent a message to one of my old friends who lives in this city asking if there was a music scene happening around there because I knew he was very active in it at the time.

He replied, and told me no, for the last 20 years nothing had been going on. It felt like he was depressed about that because all the good music scenes in my country, and probably all over the world, had died. And commercial radios and today’s pop culture took their place.

I’m more into quality music then listenable music, so I always check to see if some jazz, cool dj, or alternative band is performing at some spot while I’m in town. In the city where I stayed, there was some jazz music playing but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go. I was a little tired and from what I heard on YouTube, they were more into free jazz with two alt saxophones screaming like crazy. After a long day, I just needed a little peace but I didn’t feel like going to bed. 

So I decided to go there anyway. A little free jazz can’t make me suffer too much, not like the song Despasito playing downstairs in the hotel bar five times in an hour.

When I arrived at the jazz spot, the place was really nice. There were about ten people waiting for the concert and sipping on their beer. I thought to myself, these poor jazzers today. They travel all around the world, they practice for probably half of their life and people like me who appreciate their work, are too lazy to go out, or have ‘more important’ things to do.

Then the doors opened and the band came out. The drummer was from Florida, bass player from Japan, main saxaphone player was Slovenian and the other from NY. 

Because this was happening in Slovenia, of course the guy from Slovenia said hello to several of his friends in the audience, and then they started. What they did that night was amazing. The way they played was out of reach for my understanding of music. And I think I can understand a lot about music but some things are just too ‘off’ even for me.

Just beautiful! The guy I was impressed with the most was the guy from Florida. Kowalski or something. A drummer in his 50s, very slim, strong as hell, long hair, little gray, simple, black T-shirt with a science fiction pic on it, playing like mad. Improvising, feeling, hearing. Beautiful.

At the end of the concert, I saw that a few friends went up on stage, and the rest left immediately. I was just sitting there because I was so impressed that I couldn’t walk. I applauded and then shook hands with the Slovenian musician, who now lives in the US. At the same time I wanted to shake hands with the drummer, but he went straight to the shower I guess.

So I went out and decided to wait for him in the bar because I had so many ideas popping into my head.

Let me explain. I’ve been playing this music for 3 or 4 years now. Just guitars, lots of loopers that go to several speakers. I improvise all the time and for me it’s like 3 or 4 guitarist sitting in the room and jamming with each other. To me, it’s an amazing feeling when I do this because it opens up my musical senses, relaxes me, and makes my love perfect. It’s the best mediation technique I’ve found so far.

So as a musician, I always think about what else I could do with this, and this, and this. You have these ideas, some you put on paper, or camera, or sound recorder, but they aren’t finished because all the pieces are not connected yet. Music is like painting, because you never know when it’s enough. If you add vocals then maybe it’s not okay, if you add drums you kill the softness, if you add a bass guitar then you need drums, orchestral players make everything go smoother on soundtracks, and so on.

So you have to be very selective about what you’re gonna mix together, especially if you just started to enjoy it.

But, because I was a drummer and I bangle notes on my guitar very ‘drummy’ like or how to say, rhythmic oriented, I was always interested in seeing how my music could work with a good drummer. I had a few drummers in mind that day and I said I would call them and just jam with them, but when I saw this drummer I immediately knew that this guy was what I needed.

Now, the problem is that he lives in Florida, he is very busy because he has multiple bands, lots of collaborations, recordings, etc. He is also teaching drumming and has an online course. He is also into yoga and so on. So it was impossible for a guy like me just to enter into his life and say: Hey man, I want to jam with you. I think we can make something beautiful together!

While I was waiting to see if he would show up in the bar, I checked his website and social media, sent him a FB msg and explained to my wife that I wanted to jam with him. He didn’t reply and he didn’t show up.

So I went back to my hotel and checked out a few more drumming videos from him. Maybe he will reply tomorrow. Or he won’t. Maybe we will meet again one day. Maybe he will read this post and decide to call me. One day. Maybe?

But at the end of the day, this is not the point, nor is it why I started to write this MP.

The point is that if we open our minds, our ears, and our eyes, we tune-in to frequencies that bring about the right people and events. We can then use them to grow spiritually, personally, and as a business. There is a lot of connections everywhere, a lot of possible combinations, but the ones that make up a Mind Peak are in you. You need to decide if this information will benefit you or not. And after a while you’ll realize, that all this information can be a good reason for transformation. Every event or person can help you to grow. You just need to use it as an inspiration on your path to success!

And then write your MP#diary to bring more clearness and understanding to what just happened here. 🙂

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