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When I start to think how our university should work, I see multiple different scenarios. There are several challenges people can take and there is lots of wisdom that members, and I, can share. 

One way to do this is to give all new members access to all our tools, strategies, rooms and challenges for a small monthly fee.

The other way is to segment areas into personal and business development so they can focus more toward their goals.

The third way is to work personally with them and offer them the help they need in each challenge.

There are also scenarios on how to start at the beginning, because there are no members in at the moment.

So I made a plan to test all 3 scenarios, but first I will let 100 beta members inside for free. 

Just to look around so I can get an idea from their perspective. That’s how I can change things and get ready for when more members come. I will also have time to train my ‘happiness agents’ that will help members on different challenges.

My biggest concern is pricing, because I always struggled with evaluation of my ideas, work, and knowledge.

If I give it away for free, nobody will take it seriously, if I make it too expensive at the entry level, nobody will join.

So I need to find something in-between. Something that is reachable for everyone who may want to commit and change their life. The monthly price that I see here is $89, or $3 per day. This amount I think can segment members on proper evaluation of their ‘commitment’ to change. It also works well for my time, stuff, and business growth ideas.

Now the only issue is how to start but I think members and readers here will tell me.

So I will listen and then test. This is the best tip I can give to all who are opening new businesses.

Listen to your customers, change, test, change, test, grow, be awesome, serve with your whole heart.

One more thing – don’t forget why you started this business or service.

Being happy while running your dream business is a must! At least for me.

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