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Today I woke up 5.30am but my morning challenge is still at 6am. I decided that I would enter our 5am club slowly, so I still have time. For now, I just want to be ok with waking up at 6am every day. But yesterday, when I went to bed, something invaded my mind and I started to think about our community and the challenges and trainings. My night was weird because I was in a half sleeping/thinking state and when morning came, I wasn’t sure if I’d even slept.

So I started to think again before I even got out of bed. My morning meditation was also not really focused so I did it for 5 minutes just so my ritual doesn’t think I’m lazy.

Throughout my time on this planet I figured out that when these things happen, you have to take advantage of them. It’s like full moon time, when you can’t sleep and you get showers of ideas about life, business, and family.

So instead of trying to push them away, I opened the doors of my soul. Most of them won’t enter because they’re just not ready or they came from another person, but those that grabs my attention I welcome.

Maybe I’m different, maybe I was tired, maybe it was something else. Lots of creative people I know will say that this was my calling, most of the others will say that I was just tired. From my perspective, it doesn’t matter. What matters the most for me is the idea I got from it the next day. If it’s bad I will say it was good, and if I think it’s really good I will wait a little while.

Let me explain this. I was in this state multiple times. When doing music, writing a movie script or brainstorming about my business ideas. When you get really deep into this thinking ‘mood, you’ll probably have several ‘awesome’ ideas the next day. If your ideas are so ‘awesome’ that they can change your life, you’ll want to start doing them immediately. Your mind is still there, connected to your Mind Peak and you don’t want to lose any more time. You should start drawing your bluprint and doing the tasks required to complete it immediately. (I did this multiple times but then the idea got blurred and I stopped).

One day (or several days later) I figured out that maybe it’s good to wait a little, to cool off for a while, no matter how ‘awesome’ your idea is. After a few days, or 1-2 weeks, the idea might change or it might fade away because it came in the wrong form. 

So what I do now is make a note about it in my diary, if I get a bigger vision I start drawing a blueprint so that my mind can get a more realistic picture of everything, then I save it, and I don’t look at it for a few days, or weeks.

If the idea is good, it will come back in another form and slowly the ideas in this ‘pool’ will start to re-connect and form a different idea. At the end, the original idea will be completely different, but it was a good start.

I don’t know why our minds work like this, but when you understand the process of thinking you can start using it in a way that works for you. Your way of thinking of new projects is probably completely different from mine, but at the same time, not so much. This whole Mind Peaks blog started from a small idea that I got one day about a music film series I wanted to do. I had lots of guitar music I did with loopers, I was good at video editing and I found one really nice video stock service where I could get high quality 4K video clips, so I didn’t have to travel the world and shoot by myself. When I started thinking about what the story and tagline would be, the name Mind Peaks came to mind. After several nights of no-sleep, when I experienced this ‘full moon thinking stags’, my idea started re-shaping. From this, to that, from that, to this. At the end, I started to write a blog which became the idea for my transformation, an idea for my online university, and an idea for the future film series, events, businesses and lots more. When at the first stage it looked like a ‘full-moon dreaming’, it became a ‘full-moon thinking’ process and later, a ‘full-moon realization’ process.

So no matter which stage of your idea you’re at, put it on paper and let your imagination, and experience, start digging. If it’s good, something will come out of it. You can call it Mind Peak or whatever you want, but it’s there for you to use in any way you like. 

From small ideas, big things come up, so believe you can do it and you will do it. Simple as that.

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