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I believe when we start asking ourselves the right questions, we become smarter and smarter.

It works like this: You ask yourself a question because you’re not feeling good. Question is: Why am I not feeling good? Then you realize it’s because you ate too much. Your body needs to digest all this food now and later you’ll feel lighter. Then you ask yourself: Why am I eating all this food every day. Do I really need to eat so much food because later I know I’ll feel bad? Then you get a small Mind Peak that you would like to lose weight. You tried several times but it didn’t work. You ask yourself how can I lose weight now for real? You go browsing online and you find me and MP#University. You join our community, find your mission, passion and the rest is history. You lose weight and find happiness. Easy right?

Ok that was scenario#1. Let’s say that you don’t find me and our community. You’re on your own.

You ask yourself another question: What diet should I choose? This is a tough one but let’s say you’re attracted to the Keto diet. You don’t know anything about it so you start digging. You ask yourself questions about the diet and you keep looking for the answers online. At one point, you realize, that the best way to make this work is to ask yourself: How do I feel?

You start asking questions and one day you realize that you’re not the only one who is asking questions. Millions of people have the same question about how to lose weight and they don’t know anything about Keto. In just a few weeks you became an expert on Keto but you still keep digging because you already see some big changes in your life.

So you start to write a personal blog and you ask more and more questions about yourself, your life, people doing the Keto diet and the advantages and issues you see in Keto. People who are also searching for those topics find your blog and soon you have a lot of followers. Now you’re even more inspired to learn more about Keto, and you keep asking yourself questions and writing diary. Soon friends, local groups, online communities, news media, gurus, celebrities and others find you and they all know you’re an expert on this because you wrote so much stuff about Keto. In just a few weeks, maybe months, you’ve transformed from somebody who didn’t know anything about Keto to the world’s biggest influencer on Keto. But, this doesn’t stop you. You keep searching, and start digging through different topics related to Keto. Then on losing weight in general, on happiness, on business, on relationship, on media, etc. More and more answers come to you because every day you ask yourself questions.

And your brain is made that way, it will try to solve the problem. It will connect with different thoughts that are in this ‘in-between’ space. I call it the eternal wisdom space. I believe all the answers on everything are right tgere. We just need to connect to this place and use it as our own library of wisdom. It’s like google, but it’s more about the inner worlds we don’t usually find in the physical space.

Shamans know this place and they’re using it in multiple ways. And to gain wisdom from this place really isn’t that hard. You connect to it with the right frequency and all the people with this frequency are connected there. So it’s like you go into other people’s heads in real time. Scient fiction? I don’t believe so. We just don’t understand, but several people have experienced this and some know how to use it. And those people, we can agree are the smartest people in this world.

And the ticket to this world is super cheap. It starts with a question: How do I enter this world? The you start digging.

If every day you ask questions about something, more and more questions, people and events connected to this topic will enter your life. You will enter this ‘eternal wisdom’ space and if you ask the right questions, you’ll soon become the smartest person on this planet.

Scient fiction? I don’t think so. It’s 2020 and we all can do this. We just entered a new era and more and more miracles will start to happen.

If 30 days ago someone told me that this post would come from me, I would tell them that they were nuts. But as I started writing my mp#diary every day and asking questions about my life, my dreams, my passions, my hobbies, more and more questions came into my life. Suddenly, I entered this space and I became very smart.

Some people who read this post will say: This guy knows something. He is a master of transformative writing.

And I would say: You are right! I found a tool that makes everybody smart. I deserve to be a millionaire now! 🙂

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