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Every morning when I sit down behind my laptop and try to come up with at least one good Mind Peak, I get afraid that I won’t be able to do it. Nothing will come up, no new ideas, no inspiring thoughts, no reason to write.

But then I just sit down anyway and start typing about nothing. And then I get ideas – about nothing. 

Nothing is still very important. Nothing helps you to write about nothing. Nothing is the blankness of your soul.

So if you think more about the blank diary, it’s a page or chapter where you don’t have to write about the stuff you usually write about.

You can write about whatever comes to mind. Whatever pop-ups into your soul, you can write about.

And today I’m writing about nothing. And nothing is still very important.

Sometimes I want to do nothing. To think about nothing. To be nothing.

If you’ve ever experienced this during your meditation, then you probably know what I’m talking about.

When you enter the world of nothing, another doors opens. And everything makes sense.

Nothing is our happiness, where we don’t have to do anything. Where we don’t have to be anybody.

So we can stop thinking about what story we need to put out, how we should talk, look, or behave.

We’re amazing on the inside and when we experience nothing, our soul is connected to nothing.

Our soul is blank and we feel amazing.

So our blank diary becomes a very important technique in our MP#diary.

It helps us to experience nothing and write about anything.

And when you start writing about anything, nothing is important.

It doesn’t matter if it makes sense to the world, because it makes sense to you.

 And for me writing about nothing is the way to let go.

 To be me. To think about me. To act like me.

 And nothing stops me when I write about nothing.

 It’s just me, and nothing else is important!

 So start writing your blank diary of nothing.

 Whenever you need to experience nothing, write about nothing.

 Because nothing is more important then you writing about nothing. Nothing!

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