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So I failed again yesterday. We went out with my best friend who also has a birthday on the same day as me. We’ve known each other for 30 years. So each year we celebrate together. And because we’re both musicians at heart we, of course, always go out to a concert. And the concert was great, we had a few drinks and the next day my head felt heavy. I didn’t sleep much and my body was not feeling okay. When I came home we had a family celebration for my birthday and then I watched a movie. I ended up in bed at 10pm and completely forgot about my diary. 

Today, in the morning, I realized how different I felt during the day, if I didn’t do my daily dose of writing. My head wasn’t clear and I felt like my life didn’t have a purpose. Strange to think, but yes, just 5 minutes of writing makes a big difference in my life. I feel better. More focused, more energized.

So when I was thinking about all this today, I saw how much I already missed my daily ritual, even though I’d only missed one day. And how big of a difference it makes in my life.

I’m not counting it as a failure if I don’t do it every day, but as a learning challenge. I ask myself: What did I learn from this failure?

And this is the key to overcoming your small, and big problems, in life, business, health, relationship, etc. 

If you keep asking yourself how you can make this work for you, then you’ll see how  easy it is to keep pushing towards what you really want. To be happy, successful and have peace in your heart and mind.

This works for me at least. And I hope it works for you too.

If not, just ask yourself this question: What did I learn by this post? And then try to feel it.

If you feel peace and happiness when you accomplish a small step every day, then that’s all you need to keep pushing.

And sooner or later you’re gonna have a new habit that will bring you the results you always wanted.

Simple as that.

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