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You’ll have days when your body needs rest. Especially when you’re doing a workout or a fitness challenges. When you commit to our Body Temple or Hike to your Peak challenges, our blueprints say that every day you have to do this. But I rarely use the word ‘must’ and I don’t like to use it when I’m doing something that I want to keep doing for a long time. You shouldn’t say I must do this until Friday no matter what, but you should say I must do this every day for the rest of my life. I suggest you use the word ‘will’!

I will do this until the day I die because it helps me a lot in different areas of my life. I will do this exercise every day, because it helps me to feel more connected to my inner world. I will practice this ritual for an entire month because it feels nice when I do it.

If you use the word “will”, you’re not putting yourself in a ‘war zone’ because no matter what happens later, you’re going to do it. What if you get hurt or you break your leg? Sometimes when we feel like something isn’t good, and when our body gives us warnings, it’s best to stop for a while or take a few steps back. If you’re lifting heavy weights every day, then you probably know that you have to take a few days off so that your body can recover. It’s the same with all the work and challenges you’re doing.

When there comes a moment where your body tells you that you need a break, you must do it!

You must learn to listen to your body so that you can grow as a whole and not just as a part.

If writing every day made my back, or hand hurt, I would change the way I was sitting or try to do it standing at my desk. Maybe I would change the time of the day I decided to write, but I wouldn’t stop doing it. When you commit to something, and you know it’s doing a lot of good in your life, you’ll keep doing it no matter what, but you’ll adjust it to fit your lifestyle. 

It’s like fine tuning a machine, or business, or project. You need to fine tune new habits to fit your body so that they produce the biggest ROI. We use ROI (return on investment) as a metric every day in advertising. It shows us how much money we put in (ad spend) and how much money (revenue) we get out.

If we get more, meaning a 3 us, or our client, will be very happy, 2 is OK but can be better, and 1 is not good because that means that we, or our client, didn’t make any money. We put 1 dollar in and get 1 out. When we have to pay for the cost of goods and other services we are at a big loss. So we’re all optimizing ads every day to get the biggest possible ROI.

And it’s the same way in life. We need to optimize several fields, or areas, in our life to obtain the biggest possible ROI. And the body and mind are some of the most important ones. If our body doesn’t feel good at some point while we’re doing this challenge, but we already know it has huge benefits, we just need to fine tune it. We need to find a way to do it less painfully or less stressfully. 

At some point, we’re all going to be pushing our boundaries (mental and physical) and what we need to do is take a few steps back, listen, plan, change, test and optimize. The last thing that we want is to stop completely and say, this challenge doesn’t work for me or it’s doing bad things to my health. We’re just different because we’re all unique creatures, so each one of us has to fine tune things to fit our own needs.

If everyone in the world just quit after failing a few times, nobody would ever achieve anything. We would still eat with our bare hands and live in caves. Every few days we would kill somebody because he or she stepped into our world. And we didn’t like their face or their attitude. But as we began optimizing our planet and became more and more sensitive, and smart, big changes started to happen. Most of them are good but a lot of them are bad. (we can talk about this on a different post).

So go now and optimize your life and listen to your body, so you can evolve into a super-sensitive human who does things smartly!

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