Writing daily about happy moments, freedom, and joy is a very powerful technique that will help you to become more connected to your true self. 

When you find your ‘inner writing guru’, you’ll get several questions answered. 

Some you’ll like and some you won’t.

When you add writing into your daily life and make a habit out of it, your life will change.

So commit to writing daily and adjust time for your feelings when you write. 

If you don’t feel like writing some days, try to do just 5 minutes. It will help you to form a habit.

When you feel like you need to put a lot of words on paper, don’t stop. 

Enjoy the process. Enjoy your writing.

Writing is one of the best ways to reduce stress and to re-connect with our inner wisdom. If we commit to write daily about things that ‘spark an idea’ (we call it Mind Peaks here), we soon begin to realize that almost every event in our life can serve as an inspirational canvas to our personal, or business, growth.

By observing these events and using them as a tool for our growth, we’re developing a unique habit for long-term transformation, that will lead us toward our happiness and success on several different levels.

If every day we find one thing that makes us smarter, can you imagine how smart we will be after 20, 30, 40, 50 years?

We just need to write daily and try to find our Mind Peaks. The more we practice, the more we’ll grow. The more Mind Peaks we’ll find, the faster we’ll grow. And with a little practice, you’ll soon discover something that we all have hidden inside. A place where we can be happy and awesome.

And from there all the big Mind Peaks will come. There a real transformation begins. When you enter the world of true wisdom, you realize something that others don’t.

And many of us are just a few steps away from our biggest dreams and manifestations.

So start writing your MP#diary and change your life today!


If you don’t do it for 1 day, you need to add 2 extra days!

So when you’re doing 30-day challenge, if you fail 5 times you need to do 35-days. 🙂

Simple. (Tip: Don’t fail)


We also have the rule to share our Blueprints and Diaries with other members.

So we all can grow based on each other’s journey.

So share your blueprints with others at the end of your challenge. (only if you want)

Best time for writing is early in the morning after you finish your shower, mediation or easy workout / jogging / running.

In the morning our mind is clear and open. 

So we can easily connect with our teacher.

Explanation: At MP#University we like to call our teacher we all have inside ‘GuruMe’. 

GuruMe is your whispering friend, to who you are sending diary every day.

Go jogging, walking, hiking, stretching, meditating before you do your daily writing.

Sit in your space and close your eyes for a few minutes.

Think about what happened yesterday that made your mind shift.

Take a few deep breaths in and out. Relax.

Let the things you’re gonna write about come to you.

Start writing.

Subject is your challenge.

MP#Diary challenge was made so you commit to writing everyday for 30 days.

In that time try to daily observe what is happening on the inside when you write your diary.

Try to get above you and your writing and see who is the ‘Guru’ inside of you.

Ask him/her questions and search for answers.

Everyday try to find one Mind Peak (idea, bless, wisdom, sparkle, etc) inside your topic.

This is the crucial thing in MP#DIARY!!!

You need to be smarter everyday thanks to your writing!

So try to get into the ‘wisdom zone’ everyday to find your hidden mentor. (GuruMe)

When this daily writing becomes your habit, you can attack other challenges we have in VIP group.

We have more than 25 challenges at this point.

And you can do one at the time or few in a row when you get more experienced.

Or you can invent your own challenge!

We will support you no matter whatever challenge you will start!



Write about the emotions you’re experiencing during your challenge. 

Write about things you like or don’t like. Things you want to change in your life. Things you want to do. 

Write about people you want to meet. Places you want to visit. 

Write about ideas, memories, good times, and bad times.

Try every day to find a MP inside your daily challenges and obstacles.
(MP= Some positive wisdom that will inspire you to grow, move forward, and change your mindset.)

We can say how sad everything is or we can say how ‘beautifully’ sad everything is.
This beautiful thing, thought, vision, emotion is what we’re looking for.
And it can be found in several positive and negative experiences every day.
So whatever you’re feeling, you can find something good about it and it can cause your mind to shift.
And that shift will inspire you to grow daily.

Start with 10-20 minutes then adjust it to your experience.

If you feel like you need to start with more, do more.

Some days you will write like crazy and some days nothing good will come out.

Tip: Enjoy the good and bad days, and try to figure out your why. 🙂

On Day#0 (day before you start your challenge), you need to do a heavy preparation for your challenge. More information on what you have to do is here.

One of the most important thing is to write your challenge BLUEPRINT.

We call Blueprints in MP#University our instructions or reminders to ourselves.

Why we gonna do it, where we gonna do it, and how we gonna do it.

Blueprint can be short or long, you can put it on paper, on notebook, draw on your wall, or however you want.

Best way is that you take enough time for your BLUEPRINT so it is crystal clear to you.

MatMat started this Online University after 30-days of writing everyday about ‘nothing’.

This nothing started to shape and manifest into several things, but the biggest takeaway he received was his Mind Peak technique.

He drastically changed his life, started new job, started walking everyday, and most important – he found somebody who was hiding in him for ages.

A mentor, a friend, and an inspiring coach. (GuruMe)