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Hi! My name is MATMAT, and one day I decided to change my life. I started this site because I wanted to document my process and inspire others to do the same. To start writing their own MP#Diary. 

Every day!

What is a Mind Peak Diary you might ask? To me, it’s a way to operate. Another way to see things. It’s also a technique that helps me organize my life, business, relationships, and hobbies. It’s my Swiss knife for evoking clearness, and happiness, by observing little things on a daily basis. Things that inspires us to see the world from the inside out. I put on my yellow glasses, begin to breathe deeply, then everything just falls into place. Step by step. Task to task. Challenge by challenge. And habit by habit. 

Sometimes I can’t believe what’s happened to me, and how all this came into my life. It was like a sudden storm, and it changed me completely in less than 30 days. I never thought I was gonna start writing a blog about Mind Peaks, but I was very wrong. I mean strange things can happen to us if we just let them. Want proof? I challenge you to try my diary writing method for a minimum of 30 days. Take my MP#diary challenge for free and start writing about your big and small Mind Peaks. Soon you’ll begin to enter into a new, and amazing, state of mind. But, you have to do it every day! You need to add it into your new morning habit and break your old one!

Then, this is what will happen. You’ll start to enter into a new chapter of your life. And you will begin to train your brain in order to get the best possible results. Then, you can achieve anything you want in life. Anything. You will start to quickly destroy all your old habits, and patterns, that used to make you miserable. Or unhappy. Or confused. You’ll come up with a plan for all the things that make you happy, that you want to bring back into your life. And each month you will focus on one. In just a little bit of time, you’ll start to fix issues in your life that have been bothering you for years. And the more challenges you take on, the more you’ll begin to understand exactly what’s going on here. You will soon start to realize that what you’re doing here, isn’t complicated. Anyone can learn how to do this. You just need to commit to bettering your LIFE, have a clear reason WHY, and the only teacher you need to listen to is – YOU.

Not ME, not YOUR father, mother, sister, some random famous person, or an online GURU. You don’t have to listen to anyone anymore! You only need to listen to one person and that person is – YOU! 

You have so much wisdom inside of you, and all you need to do is turn on the switch. Then, if you need more help on a specific challenge, you can start one of my training’s. It doesn’t really matter who comes up with the training though. It’s just a plan. What matters is that you complete them. Nothing else! And you know WHY you want to complete them, right?

By writing your own MP#diary you awaken your own wisdom. And WHY become unstoppable? Because you’ll start to ask more questions and the more you ask, the more you’ll learn. Now you can focus on bringing back your good habits, and in turn, bringing happiness back into your life. Why? Because you deserve it! And when you do this, your body will start to change for better. Your reality will change. Your partner will change. Your friends will change. Everything will change. 

And after that, you’ll have an opportunity to share your wisdom. Like I do here on this blog and with other members in MP#University. We’re sharing knowledge and exchanging happiness! That’s what makes us unique. We don’t hide, we don’t sell, we share, we adopt, and we transform.

Before I started to write my transformation diary, my life was not yellow. It was something between dark green and grey. I had some random yellow peaks but after a while, it would always go bad and turn black again. I didn’t know why. Was it because of my family, my soul, karma, the place I was born, or was it something else? I was happy and sad at the same time. More sad than happy really but it was my own fault. I did some good things, but I also did some bad things. I earned money, and then I lost it. I’d fix my life, just to destroy it again. But hey, sometimes we have to learn to fail if we wanna grow, right?

There’s no point in going into more details about who I am, or what I went through. You’ll get to know me really well, especially if you chose to read my diary and commit to my challenges. 

And when you join our little tribe, which is ‘one-of-the-best’ personal and business communities online, you will talk to me daily.

For all other inquires, you can contact me at info(at)mindpeaks.com.

About pic: No this is not me. But I like to sit like this and sometimes I feel I am the guy on this pic.

My background: I started out as a freelance video director, editor, designer, composer and sound engineer. After my first big Mind Peak, when I had two kids, I decided to start an online business. I was selling physical products on Amazon and on my own websites. I made my first million and lost it all in one year. Then I got my second Mind Peak and went to work for one of the fastest growing ecom companies in Europe as a media buyer. I learned a lot but I didn’t feel good about it, so I left. Then a few other jobs came and went. And finally, at the end of last year, I signed a contract with a small, but awesome, marketing agency in Australia. Actually, we’re an online agency and we work from all over the world. At the same time, or maybe a little before, I got another Mind Peak, number #4 or #5 (not important). And I decided to do my diary challenge for 30 days. And this challenge (now called MP#diary) changed my personal and business life completely. Now I’m in a position where I never thought I would be as the ‘old me’, but I’ve become a better me or a ‘guru me’.

I also have a beautiful wife, 2 kids, 2 cats, and a dome greenhouse I built myself a few years ago. Just so I could have fresh green smoothies all year long.

In winter, I’m obsessed with snowboarding, and in summer, I like windsurfing. Did I mention I compose music?

Yes, I’ve been composing different songs since 1995, when I was 18 years old. I built three bedroom studios since then. My latest one is now full of weird guitars, drums, keyboards, and other acoustic instruments. At one point, I was also a sound healer but then that hobby turned into another Mind Peak that you’ll find out about soon if you decide to join my tribe.

So what is Mind Peak University? 
Well, while doing an MP#diary every day for 30 days (and continuing to do it everyday) I found a fast way to implement different skills into my life.

I believe that a lot can be learned in 30-days, to an extent, that can be beneficial to your life. Many of the students who signed up for my challenge for 30 days reported amazing results in all areas of their life.

My main mission here is not to teach, but to setup a platform where we can all share our knowledge with each other and tweak it a little bit to fit our needs. I give, you take, then you apply it to your life, change things for the better and share the information all over again.

Our community is growing at a fast pace as more and more people see the amazing results they can achieve with our challenges. 

And we’re also setting up for something else. We call it a SUSTAINABLE MP#COMMUNITY. All our members can connect there, form relationships, business partnerships, teams. They also help with tips, offer services, jobs, and organize events.

It’s 2020 and we’re just getting started. I believe in just a few years we’re going to become something really amazing. Stand by.

Or join now and start changing your life!

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