At one point of my life I saw no brightness anymore. I decided to switch my profession and start writing everyday about nothing. 
Then this 'nothing diary' light a sparkle in me and completely changed my life in next 30 days. 
I found an amazing technique that I use daily to move forward in small but right steps. It helps me to grow in many areas of my life, and the method is very simple. 
Commit for new change or project you want to accomplish and do it.
30-days is enough time to make big or small change.
But if you want to make something really special, then commit for LIFE.
Work every day in achieving it. 
Simple as that.

P.S.: And don't forget to write. About good and bad things. No need to hide anything.

"You're a human. Lost and frighten as I am. And powerful and special as I am."