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What are Mind Peaks?

MindPeaks are callings or messages that you get during life which lead you toward changing your life and behavior. You can get these messages while you’re sleeping or while you’re awake. Maybe something hits you while you’re going jogging or cleaning the house, or listening to the radio or watching TV. Some people say that they receive it from God, some people believe they receive it from different online gurus. Some call it light bulbs, some call it mind shifts and some call it idea explosions. I just call it MindPeaks, because I believe my mind reaches some peak level when this happens.

When this happens, you can do nothing or you can do a lot. Here is why we’re all different. It all depends on your personal growth level, you will react toward them differently then others based on your level of growth.

MindPeaks are all around us.

We can search for them easily if we want to. They are everywhere, all around us, but because there is so much information in them, we can get lost and distracted by channels, types, and formats.

MindPeaks can be big and small, good and bad, ugly and beautiful. They’re just there to give your mind and body a little kick, at the perfect time when you need them. If you know how to use and put it into your life, you can change your life dramatically. 

What is this website about?

This page is all about sharing your MindPeaks. As I share my MindPeaks it helps me to be who I am and to become who I want to be. Some people also share theirs through letters. That’s why I’m making them available to everyone in one place. No matter if they came from Dr.Oz, Tony Robbins, Osho, Buddha or the person next door, they are all important to me. If I can make them work by implementing them into my life quickly (30 days), I don’t care where they came from. I’m all about the easy process of making them usable.

Pool of transformational ideas and training's

By providing a pool of different Mind Peaks through videos, sounds, texts and voices, the transformation is easier for a lot of us. As we watch someone (me/you/gurus) going through every day life and trying to put different MindPeaks into our lives, this will get magnetized and it can effect you on a sub level. You will be temped to try it on your own. Maybe you will fail, maybe you won’t. I believe everything is connected on a sub level, so when someone tries something amazing, lots of people get inspired by it and one or two people will try it as well. Maybe they’ll fail or maybe they won’t, but that’s how our world and we grow. 1% of us will become winners! Are you one of them?

We are the new change!

We can be the change, but only if we follow the change. And a change must come from a pure mind. If your intention is to help people in whatever way you can, then you deserve to be exactly where you want to be. Reach, happy, famous and satisfied! All the people who’ve reached their top mind peaks and transformations, did it because they believed they could do it. They believe they could help the world with their pure intentions.

30-days challenge

I believe you can transform a lot in 30 days. With all the knowledge we have at our fingertips, we can master a lot of special skills quickly. The only problem is our focus, because distractions are everywhere. It’s important to follow your daily plan and close out all distractions. (Yes we have several training’s on that too!)
So the plan here is, that you stick to only one training for an entire month. When you’ve accomplished one, you can take on another one. If you try to do too many things at once, you will fail for sure. (Trust me, I did it so many times that I don’t want to say it out loud).
When you join our challenge, you get nothing but a group of supporters who are in the same boat, or who already completed the training. It’s up to you how you use our training’s. We made them so that you can learn by yourselves and adopt them into your life and dreams. We don’t wanna say ‘do it exactly like this’, instead we want to inspire you to improvise and change, remix and edit as you please.
The only thing you need to do is continue to do it daily like you agreed. (10,20,30, 60 or more minutes every day). If you miss one day (yes you have to report it to us),  you need to add two more days!

Failed 1 day, repeat x 2

Yes, that’s how I learned and I believe you will too. The first few days at the beginning are easy. After five days though something will go bad. The second week you will suffer. The third week you’ll say: “I made it!” But then the last week, everything will go down hill and you’ll want to quit. Why??? 
Because most of us give up too early. It’s just in our 21st century nature. We don’t know how to fight anymore, because we have everything at our finger tips. Pepsi, Cola, Meat, Fruits, Sugar, Tv, Cars,… We click and scroll a few times and the door bell rings… ‘Here is you food sir…and your lover… and your dreams…’

Tribe of creative transformers

When you join our 30-day Challenge, your future is at risk! Because when you become part of our group, you will never want to go out. We share our successes and we share our failures. We understand and we know that change has to come from you. Not us! But we are here to support and we need support from you. After we finish one training, we try another. Maybe we fail or maybe we don’t, but we are open and ready to start another one. And another. When you are inside our tribe, you can select whatever training you want and announce it on our wall. An accountability message will be triggered and the community will say: Good choice, we support you! If you have issues, we’re here for you 24/7. Then it’s up to you.


We have many communities inside our site. Each project is it’s own community but we also have broader communities such as Business, Health, Fitness, Diet, Marketing, Music, Running, etc. You can be as active as you want in this community. We also have communities for posting jobs, finding friends and promoting our services. When you’re a member, a world of different possibilities will be opened up to you. Maybe you will find a business partner, get a new job, see an amazing project, get an idea for your mission, etc. Our community is special and all the people inside are special. They are your friends.

My story

I failed several times. Until I was 40 I didn’t accomplish anything special. To some I did, but to me, I was a looser. A dreamer who couldn’t make any money because he didn’t give a fuck about money. I was raised in a country (ex Yugoslavia) where having money was bad. Only criminals, politics and dealers were rich, everyone else had to be quiet and work stupid jobs just to pay the rent and only went on vacation once a year for the summer holiday. Always to the same spot of course. So my family wanted something different, but it was the system (post communism) that was falling apart. Not to mention our independence and war and all this crap that made our generation of punk-hippies irresistible for luck. The system changed so much and affected our lives a lot. We were at the peak of our youth but we didn’t care about anything. We just wanted to fuck around outside, play music, do nothing, and be broke. Then phones and internet came onto the scene and created a generation of entrepreneurial hipsters. I admired their energy and tried to follow them. I changed my career path from a freelance artist doing music, photography and film projects, into an online business. I opened an Amazon shop selling Kindle books, then physical products from China, then I opened my website, and another, and another. I learned online advertising, Facebook, Google, Native, YouTube, Snap Chat. I made a million and lost it all in one year. I made another and lost it again. When I had money, I was always buying stupid things which I thought would make me happy, but they didn’t. I was taking trips and buying expensive music instruments because inside I was a creative artist. Musician. Sound explorer. Dreamer. Money was nothing for me but I was always coming up with more and more new ideas. Some were related to money and some were related to inner peace, which I’d never had. I thought money would bring me peace but one day I realized, that what gave me peace was my music. When I sat down behind my piano, or drums, or when I started playing my guitar. I put my headphones on and I got lost in space. My family suffered a lot because we were constantly under the pressure of looking for my next big thing, but that thing never came. For my ‘projects’ I borrowed money from my family, friends, relatives and a few others I don’t want to mention. I also sold a small forest that my grandma gave me in case of emergencies. I cut trees and bought an online course on my new best thing. And then another. And another. Before I realized it, I was 30k in debt because I believed to much that these ‘project would be successful. And I had so many projects that one day I got a big Mind Peak. I said no more projects. No more businesses. I went into the forest and just cried. I felt like the biggest looser on planet earth, who wasn’t capable, even in his 40s, of taking care of his family and himself. On the top of everything I had several health problems. My back hurt a lot, I couldn’t sit behind my desk for more then a few minutes. Then I got issiaz, eczema, something on my feet that made it so that I couldn’t walk, my teeth were bad, I got grey hair, and a beer belly started to say hello…  I gained 20 pounds and I felt like shit. Then one day something happened. I found one zen student who was learning from some other zen student. He had been writing a blog for several years about his failures and successes on different life challenges he tried to accomplish. Finances, productivity, relationship, health… My soul connected with his soul and the rest is history. I decided to try to do everything that he’d done because I felt like inside we were the same. He motivated me with his focus, determination, and honest heart. He became a minimalist, vegan, and accomplished a lot in a short time. I joined his training and he became my mentor. After a few days I signed a contract with me, not him, because I got a big MIND PEAK. 

What I like the most

I’ve always liked to write. Short fantasy stories, letters, poems, songs. Another world opened up when I picked up a pen and started digging deeper into my imagination or memories. I could be whoever I wanted and do whatever I wanted. My biggest satisfaction has always been to observe people. Just to look at them on the street and make up stories about who they are based on their looks and behavior. I did a lot of small documentary films and portraits of people that I found on the street while traveling. I like to listen to their stories and I like to grow that way. Some people just have very interesting stories and we can all connect to their stories. We can make movies based on those stories, poems, songs or training’s. 

While I was thinking that day about where I really saw my happiness being, writing came to my mind. I said to myself: You should really write everyday. Whatever. Whatever topic. It doesn’t matter. 

I started several times, trying this ‘diary’ thing. Whenever a new year came or whenever I gained weight, I made a big plan and started a new diary. Now I will do it 100%! No excuses! But after 3 or 4 days, maybe after a week, I stopped. I forgot or I didn’t have time. My planned transformation failed and I was back to my daily routine of not thinking, not working out, and not being aware of who I was and what my mission was. So because I was really sick of all my excuses, I said I’m gonna do just one big thing and not 20 like I used to do. Usually when a transforming Mind Peak came to me, I wrote a detailed daily schedule of all my new commitments, activities, and daily tasks that I would do. Because it was too much I failed. Why didn’t anybody tell me that before??

One task 30-day challenge

So I decided that I’d start with just one task and try to do it for 30 days. If I failed one day, I would have to add two more days. (little scarcity for me). Now the problem was finding out what was the most important issue I was having, and one that I wanted to change. I had health, relationships, anger, financial, and focus issues. I can’t just do all of them at the same time. I would fail for sure. So I decided to start with daily writing as my biggest mission. Because I couldn’t do just this challenge (the old me wanted more and more), I added a second and a third most important thing. So the first one was WRITING because I wanted to bring some clarity and focus into my life, the second one was WORKING OUT because I was getting weaker and weaker, and third one was DIETING because I was getting fatter than I ever had before. Guess stress and bad working habits caused my body to suffer so I just wanted to lose some weight. (10kg to be exact)

My plan = Blueprint

It was two weeks before the New Year 2020 and I was open to a big change in my life. My mind was more active than it had ever been before and my vision was clear. I had guidance (my zen mentor) who was doing all the pre-work for me, I just needed to make my blueprint about how I would attack my life step by step. So I took a few days off work and started to brainstorm and visualize my new life. I felt like I was painting a new picture or sculpturing a portrait of myself. It felt amazing and now the only issue was, how and when to start. Of course the 1st of Jan sounds great, but what about all the food around us? Will I be able to start my diary on the 1st and do my workouts and diet at the same time?

Trans-formative Diary of morning Mind Peaks

I decided not to worry so much about exact dates, as much as about starting and not giving up for at least 30 days. (I started on the 4th and it was a Monday) Then I decided not to be so strict with myself. If one day I can’t do it, no worries. It’s not the end of the world. I’m only human. I will have to add two more days but what’s that compared to our whole lives. Then I decided to mostly focus on Mission#1 which is my Diary, and not so much on my workouts and food. I’d try to do it all but the Diary was the most important thing to me.

Now the big question was: What to write in my diary every day???

After a few days of just writing about my daily struggles, life, and business, I got this idea of Mind Peaks. Then every day I tried to come up with one small Mind Peak or feeling that made my day special. It could be a nice feeling that came to me while I was working out or walking out in nature, it could be a great time with my family, or a good thought I read somewhere that made me think about something I wanted to do in my life. I just wanted to write about inspiring ideas, memories, and feelings I was getting all the time, but didn’t have time to remember them. So every day, early in the morning after my exercise and meditation (yes I planned that too as part of my morning ritual), I sit down in my comfortable chair, close my eyes for a few minutes and wait for ideas to come to me. I just let my Mind Peaks call out to me, then I pick one, and write about it in long or short form. Some ideas I see as training’s or challenges I would like to do in the future, some are just sparks about the life I wanna live in the future.

'ME' Guru Trainings

I guess I’m a creative guy, and I have lots of ideas on how to change the world and myself. The only issue is that I’m interested in way too much stuff and I don’t have time to do everything. I also don’t have the knowledge on how to put new habits into my life successfully. (now I do thanks to my mentor and the ‘me’ guru who was smarter then the old me). 

So I started to turn all these different visions I had on how to live a better life into 30 day challenges. I wanna write everyday, I don’t wanna eat from 6pm-12am, I wanna start my day at 5am, I want to study guitar every day for at least 15 minutes, I want to be 100% focused while I’m with my family and so on. A lot of ideas came out everyday from the guru inside of me and MIND PEAKS UNIVERSITY was born.

Mind Peaks University

First, it was just meant for me. I would put all my ideas into 30 days challenges and later I would just pick one. And after 30 days the next one, and the next one, and so on. If it was hard and it required lots of time and attention from my side, I would do it solo (only this challenge for one month), if not I would combine it with a few small ones.

The most important thing is to have one MIC (most important challenge) and to commit to it everyday. That’s how you’ll incorporate it into your life successfully and without so many failed trials like I had in the past.

So Mind Peaks University came to me one morning as a really big Mind Peak. I felt blessed and everything just connected. If I wanted to change myself, why not ask others to help me. If we could exchange knowledge and wisdom, wouldn’t that be great? You could teach me something special and I could maybe teach you something. The most important thing is that we commit to it for 30 days and that we’re gonna do what I or you think is best. (Blueprints)

Share your Mind Peaks!

This website is only a small part of the learning I’m experiencing with my diary. The things that I share, somebody else probably shares. The things that I learn, somebody else probably learns at the same time. I adopt it to resonate with my life and I sign a deal with myself for 30 days. At first I failed a lot, but then I realized that my failures were the biggest lessons I could get. Now I don’t fail as much, but I still do sometimes. And I probably always will. When I started to adjust the lessons and tips I found online to better cater to me (I was very creative), something esoteric happened. I become better at writing, planning, and taking action. I started to believe the ‘person or guru x’ inside of me. I became very confident in what I was doing and the Mind Peaks website displayed the right path to my heart. When I started to meditate at 5am, then write down the training I would take (someday), then go to work (yes I got the best job in the world by an unexpected online meeting, isn’t that spooky?) then taking care of my health, money, family, time… I started to learn about everything so quickly that I realized there was so much potential in ‘wisdom sharing’.

Adopt and make your own. Be creative!

I believe that if we adopt and change our ideas, concepts, and training’s to best fit our needs, we can learn everything really fast. This is not stealing ideas but molding them to fit us and sharing them with others. Because we are individual and unique human beings, we all learn differently. The way something works for me, is not the same way that it work for most other people, but for some it does. So if we share our process, or idea, somebody else can use it and change their life. 

Do we care? Yes we care! He can be a happier human being because of us and he will be thankful to us forever. We just changed his life, aren’t we supposed to be proud?

Share your wisdom and help somebody change their life!

We all know, or have something, that others don’t know or don’t have. We all can teach somebody something. Can you? Can you make a short training that I can learn in 30 days?
It doesn’t have to be a big transformation, it can be something very simple. Something what we all forget to do in our busy every day lives. Something like listening to the wind, or kissing our partner, or meditating everyday, or dancing, writing… I believe the secret is in small life changes. Daily repetition brings results. On different levels of human behavior. 
I believe you are the same person as me. You want something more out of your life. You need to tell your story like I just did. I know people around the world want to see that you are trying to change. That you don’t give up when a little hill comes. That you’re positive and willing to help. That’s what people today want and respect.

I’m not the smartest guy on this planet, not even the best looking, or humble, or funny… I just want to be the best person  I can be due to my capabilities. I know you’ve probably done many things in your life. Maybe you failed more times than you were successful. That’s not important. What’s important is what you learned. Who did you become?

Can you share your Mind Peak with us?

Share your wisdom!

I believe that sharing is caring and sharing wisdom is a powerful way to become a healthier society. We’re loosing several attributes that ancient people had in their souls. We are robust, blind and we admire money and not the soul. Ancient people knew that when you helped somebody, the energy would take care of your life. I believe the same. I believe that if you learn from me and I make you happy, you will be very thankful for the rest of your life. You will ask me how much you should pay me and I will say: “Share it, don’t pay it.”
That’s how Mind Peak University works. We share our wisdom and we manipulate ‘blueprints’ to best fit our bodies, minds and souls.
And yes, we’re fast learners! We have only 30 days to complete our challenge and to start a new one because we have so many of them. 

How many will you check off in 2020? I have a lot on my plate. 🙂

But… One by one. Do not rush. We have plenty of time if we know how to focus on the important goals we want to achieve.

My goal is simple – to setup the most unique life changing community on this planet. 


MATMAT – Creator of MindPeaks.com

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