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Efficient tools & strategies

Live chat communities, weekly project management tasks, goal setting strategies, transformational diary, morning meditation challenge, book reading club challenge, the power of group sharing, fun room, cooking channel, business tribe, dancing club, etc.

Unique approach

Join one, or several,
challenges / communities at once. 

Combine different success ‘blueprints’ to get the best results.

Community support

Our dedicated happiness agents are here to support you in every challenge you take.
Together, along with our fellow members, they are helping you achieve your short and/or long-term goals.

What is MPU

Mind Peaks University is a growth service for individuals and companies who want something more. 
Made by entrepreneurs at heart who took destiny into their own hands.
By combining different self-help and business practices, we’ve built a unique challenge platform that is fully customizable to your needs.

Personalized approach

Humans are very complex beings. During their lifetime, they reach several different “peak” levels.
Some levels are transformational and can change your life, and some are just normal levels that we all have to go through.
Depending on the level you’re at, we can suggest strategies that you need to follow in order to reach your peak.
We believe that to help people grow efficiently, we need to take on a more personal approach. 

Learn how MPU works

We start by asking questions, we listen to your needs, and then we suggest challenges, or provide solutions.
MPU has multiple doors to different classrooms. We also have several connections to specific growth partners.
In MPU there are many different live chat communities where mentors, students, and businesses owners, can meet. 
And 25 challenges for personal and business growth.
Based on your membership, you’ll have the ability to join all of them, or select a specific one.

Why you should join MPU

We all want something more out of our life. Some people want more money, some people want to travel the world, some people want to play guitar without feeling guilty, and some people want to do yoga all day. They say that there are two types of humans that are the most spiritually awaken: Entrepreneurs at heart and spiritual gurus in mind. Some people want to start a business and some people already have a business that they want to grow. Lots of you will say that spirituality and business can’t walk hand in hand. 
We believe only people who are spiritually awakened can grow successful businesses today and help to make this world better.

Let us help you create your growth 'blueprint'

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Meet MPU team

Our happiness agents are working hard behind the scenes to bring you an easy way to build advanced workflows that work on multiple different challenges.

INSPIRING STORY: How Tyler Perry found his peak

Perry was inspired by the Oprah Winfrey show and started a series of letters to himself which ended up becoming the basis for the musical I Know I’ve Been Changed. After saving up $12,000 Perry debuted his show which he directed, produced, and starred in. However, the run lasted only one weekend and drew only 30 people. Perry was disappointed but determined, and he continued to work odd jobs while reworking the show. He staged the show in multiple other cities, but still wasn’t successful. Perry was broke and living out of his car for a little while. 

But in 1998 he decided to try one more time. He rented out the House of Blues in Atlanta for another production of I Know I’ve Been Changed. And soon Perry was performing to sellout crowds and the musical was moved to a larger theater. After years of hard work, he finally earned critical acclaim as well as commercial success. Today Perry is worth an enormous 600 million dollars. And in October 2019 he announced the grand opening of the $250 million Tyler Perry Studios on the site of a former 330-acre Confederate military base in Atlanta.

“You can never be upset with the people who forced you into your dream or up higher

~Tyler Perry

Where is your

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What are Mind Peaks

MindPeaks are callings or messages that we get in our life that lead us toward changing our lifestyle and behavior. We can get these messages while we’re sleeping or while we’re awake. Maybe something hits us while we’re going jogging, cleaning the house, listening to the radio, or watching TV. Some people say that they receive it from God, some people believe they receive it from different online gurus. Some call it light bulbs, some call it mind shifts, and some call it idea explosions. We just call it MindPeaks, because we believe our mind reaches a peak level when this happens.

When this happens, you have a choice, you can either do nothing or you can do a lot. This is why we’re all different. It all depends on your personal growth level, you’ll react differently then others based on your level of growth.

MindPeaks are all around us.

We can search for them easily if we want to. They’re everywhere, all around us, but because there’s so much information in them, we can easily get lost and distracted by channels, types, and formats.

Mind Peaks can be big and small, good and bad, ugly and beautiful. They’re just there to give your mind and body a little kick, exactly when you need them. If you know how to use them and include them in your life, you can change your life drastically.

Let us help you to find yours


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